Having a site includes a number of other operations other than registering a domain name and linking it to a few sites which are uploaded on a server. Each of them is important and affects the user experience - both for you as the Internet site owner and for your site visitors. As an illustration, a script-driven site uses a database, files are uploaded through FTP, and communication with clients is done using e mail, although some services demand certain domain records to be set up. Each one of these things is crucial and when any of them is hard to handle or is simply missing from the list of services which your account features, the abilities of your Internet site can be reduced, in addition the overall management of the site could be really irritating if you are unable to do some task.

Website Manager in Web Hosting

If you acquire a web hosting from our company and host your Internet sites on our revolutionary cloud platform, you can reap the benefits of the advanced, though simple-to-use Website Manager tool, that's an element of our in-house built Hepsia CP. The tool shall provide you with much better control over your world-wide web content than any other tool out there, because it features a simplistic, novice-friendly interface, but offers a sufficient amount of options for expert users also. One tool will allow you to change the DNS records for every domain address, to update the WHOIS details or to hide them through our Whois Privacy Protection service, to access the site files, to set up a script app, to check website visitor stats, to purchase an SSL certificate and much, much more. These things are available in one location and you could accomplish any of them with only a few clicks using quick-access buttons, that will save you time and which will make the management of your online presence very easy.

Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Website Manager tool, offered with our semi-dedicated server plans and which is an element of the Hepsia Control Panel, provides you with everything you require so that you can manage your online presence quickly and easily. Once you open the tool, you'll find a list of all the domain addresses which are registered or hosted in the account. Clicking on each of them shall bring up a pop-up where quick-access links will allow you to do many things with simply a mouse click - to examine in depth site visitor stats, to create a script app using our 1-click installer, to set up a new e mail address or to order an SSL certificate. These are only a couple of options that you'll be able to access with no problem, since everything will be available in one place. The Website Manager offers a clean and user-friendly interface and it can be used both by beginners and by more tech-savvy users.